The Farm Couple

Patrick Williams and I met at the Winfield(Kansas) Bluegrass Festival in 1996 and soon after began pickin’ with each other here and there.  In 1998, I moved up to Bluejacket, OK and a little farmhouse about 20 miles from the old family farm that Patrick lived on… we recorded a CD and then began travelling around the southern half of America together.

Three cd’s and thousands of wonderful experiences and friends later we decided that we each ought to try our hands and hearts at something different.

Patrick and I are great friends and we will join up ever so often to play a show for the ‘Farmhands’ that still ask for us to play.  We love it!  His great flat pickin’ and fingerstyle guitar playing always makes me smile and gives me energy… what wonderful songs that he writes… and that WE have written together.