The Cherokee Maidens

THE CHEROKEE MAIDENS– Robin Macy Monica Taylor and Sis White

Rising up from deep musical roots in America’s heartland, The Cherokee Maidens, along with their star-studded band, Sycamore Swing, pay homage to the past.

Think Bob Wills meets the Andrews Sisters.

The melodic braid of these three maidens is time-tested. Robin Macy has sung up and down the I-35 corridor for decades. Together with red-dirt girl Monica Taylor and bluegrass virtuoso, Lauren White, you’ve got signature three-part harmonies that weave their way into your heart.

One was a Dixie Chick. Two have appeared on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion. Two have sung at the Grand Ole Opry. And all three share Native American heritage – hence their name, inspired by Cindy Walker’s 1941 country hit.

Backed by a troupe of crackerjack musicians, led by Kentucky White, their guitar-slinger who produced both recordings, Sycamore Swing keeps the classic genre authentic – featuring the best of the fabled Tulsa Playboys.

They all share this passion for the past and that sets them apart from the pack and unites them as a tribe. Currently they’re back in the saddle working on their third recording. This time, country swing legend Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel will croon a tune.

“Straight as an arrow flies,” as their signature song goes, The Cherokee Maidens deliver a charming, unabashedly throwback sound with their swinging self-titled debut.   The Daily Oklahoman



Jazz and western swing… love this music!

My dear friend Robin Macy called me up a few years ago, and said, ” let’s you and me and Jenny Lou form a trio and sing the old songs our grannies love!”   God bless her little pea-pickin’ heart!   What else could I say?  Except for  “AHHHHH- haaaa!”   That is the western swing slang for “AMEN, sister!”


The Cherokee Maiden’s are Robin Macy, Monica Taylor and Jennifer Petterson. Together we make up this tight harmony trio in the McKinney Sisters style who sang with The Texas Playboys and The Andrew Sisters… of course.

We sing the great old western swing, jazz, and some of our orginal tunes with Sycamore Swing backing us up!

Kenny (Kentucky) White is the leader of band- and Robin’s husband- Kenny is one of the most amazing musicians around. Kenny plays an old hollow bodied guitar, acoustic, mandolin, and banjo.

Rob Loren plays the fiddle for us… he’s played with Ray Price, Hank Thompson, and fabulous groups throughout Kansas.

Jimmy Campbell plays steel guitar and dobro with us… he also plays with the awesome bluegrass band out of Kansas named Driven, and with the great bluegrass band The Treblemakers.

On many shows we get to have twin fiddles!  Shelby Eicher, the great Tulsa musician who has played with the likes of Roy Clark, JJ Cale, The Tractors, and his own bands The Tulsa Playboys, Mischievous Swing, Mark Bruner & Shelby Eicher, Hot Gypsy Trio,  The Kings of Western Swing, Riders of the Cimarron, and Cowbop.

Jordan Bolig plays the upright bass for us… he is a wonderful musician who can keep the swing, jazz, and the country sounds steady on.

Kirk Russell plays the drums for us… like all the musicians and all maidens , he is multi-talented.

So much fun we have with these Wichita, KS men! Each of the girls and guys respect one another for our talents and enjoy performing together… you can tell that from the smiles and dancing that goes on during a show!

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