Ramble Down A Red Dirt Road CD and Double Vinyl Album

Ramble Down a Red Dirt Road : The Roots of Red Dirt Music

Tom Skinner

Greg Jacobs

Randy Pease

The majority of this album was recorded in the recording studios that Steve Ripley has recorded many albums like two with The Red Dirt Rangers, …

Travis and I have spent many days and nights at their home at the invitation of Steve’s wife Charlene Ripley.

Red Dirt music has many song/ musical roots, inspirations, songwriters, instrumentalists, friends, fans, family.   To even attempt to cover the entire spectrum would be exhausting; so, I will share with you some of the early and popular songs I recall from my own first introduction to the ‘family’ about 1988 when I returned to Payne county to finish up my degree at OSU.  These songs will have origins from the late 1970’s to the 2000 ish time frame.

The Farm.  West of Stillwater, OK- an old homestead farm from the great 1889 Oklahoma land run.  A place for a songwriter or music fan to hang, live, write, share songs… feel a part of a ‘family of your choosing.’

I am thankful for the friends who took me there and who encouraged me to write and sing; and to join this big family of creative men and women.

CD + Double Vinyl + Download card
$75 Value

TO BE RELEASED IN  June , 2021



Below is the first heapin’, helpin’ serving of red dirt songs!


  1. Used to Be  by Tom Skinner & Bob Wiles   Vocals: ❤️ Craig Skinner, Greg Jacobs, Bob Wiles, Rangers, Cody, Jason, McClure, Uncle Don, Monica Taylor
  2. Guitar Man  by Don Morris & Tom Skinner. Vocals: Ali Harter-Street, Carter Sampson, Bonnie Harter, & Monica
  3. Sawdust Trail  by Randy Pease   Vocals: Randy Pease, John Fullbright, & Monica; additional vocals, Craig Skinner, Elizabeth Bumgarner, Jeremy & Flash Skinner
  4. A Little Rain’ll Do  by Greg Jacobs  Vocals:  Greg Jacobs & Monica; additional vocals, Travis Fite & John Fullbright
  5. Blue Diamond  by Bob Childers & Brad Piccolo Vocals: Jamie Lin Wilson, Piccolo, & Monica; additional vocals, Kelley McWee
  6. Restless Spirits   by Bob Childers Vocals: Lee Southard Merrifield & Monica, additional vocals Bob’s sons, Zach & Jesse Childers
  7. This Ole Life  by Brandon Jenkins  Vocals: Uncle Don Morris & Monica, additional vocals, Travis Fite & Jared Tyler
  8. What Else Could I Do, by The Red Dirt Rangers & Don Connoscenti Vocals: Tanya Comingdeer, Kalyn Faye Barnoski, & Monica; additional vocals, Travis Fite & Jared Tyler
  9. Times Have Changed  Bob Childers
    Vocals: The Red Dirt Rangers, feat. Ben Han, John Cooper, & Brad Piccolo; and Jason Boland, & Monica
  10. Just Tomorrow  by Tom Skinner. Vocals: Monica~ with Craig Skinner & Mike Skinner
  11. Down on That River Road  by Tom Skinner. Vocals: Casey van Beek, Don White, & Monica
  12. Mexican morning.  By Bob Childers  Vocals: Jason Boland, Monica, and Jake Lynn
  13. Gypsy Blood  by Steve Ripley  Vocals: Steve Ripley & Monica
  14. Dance with the Gypsies  by Bob Childers. Vocals: Uncle Don Morris, Bob’s sons-Zach and Jesse Childers, & Monica.
  15. Blind Man  by Skinner, Morris, Benny Craig, Mike McClure, Mark Ambler, & Matt Daniel   Vocals: Uncle Don, Mike McClure, & Monica  with additional vocals by  Skinner’s son and grandson, Jeremy & Flash Skinner, Elizabeth Bumgarner
  16. Buffalo Returns To the Plains  by Jimmy Lafave  Vocals: Monica Taylor, Kelley McWee, Jackson Lafave
  17. Wildflower     by Mike McClure  Vocals:  McClure & Momo (Monica)
  18. Bluer Blues   by Bob Childers. Vocals: Chuck Dunlap & Monica Taylor
  19. Water Your Own Yard    By Tom Skinner   Vocals:  Sarah Barker Huhn, Tanya Comingdeer, and Monica Taylor
  20.  Sunshine, Wind, Water   By Bob Childers    Vocals:  Scott Evans & Monica Taylor
That’s 20 songs with lots of different voices and instrumental performances that are ‘hittin’ it way outta the ballpark’ on every single track!  We are going to add a surprise track from the Red Dirt family: A special verse McClure wrote about Tom Skinner for Blind Man!

This collection is offered up in the CD version, a double vinyl album, and, of course, downloadable… and special liner notes ‘on line’ of all of these songs ( and a few more) with the lyrics AND chords; also, there are photos and a few memories from songwriters and their family and friends.


Half of the following songs have already been recorded with special guests!

List of songs on the next 2 albums, to be released Fall 2021 & Spring 2022:

Jesus Took Me Fishin   by Tom skinner  vocals: Jared Tyler, Monica, Travis

Skyline Radio- Tom Skinner

Straight to Your Heart- Uncle Don Morris

Be the Revival- Brandon Jenkins

Stand Watie- Greg Jacobs

Okie Wind- Greg Jacobs

I Love this Game- Randy Pease

One Horse Town- Randy Pease

                                                      Ropin Fool – Bob & Jean Wiles 

Ride for the Cimarron- Bob Childers

Only One Angel- Jimmy Lafave

Wylie Coyote- Bob Childers

Tumbling Tumbleweed- Bob Wiles

Turn this Train Around- Tom Skinner

Red Dirt Rangers, Mike McClure, Scott Evans, Larry Spears, Brad James, Randy Crouch, Cody Canada, Jason Boland, Bill Erickson, Medicine Show, and Barton & Sweeney songs…