Colored pencil illustration of a songbird on a branch above a river

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Latest record TRAINS,RIVERS, & TRAILS (Fall 2023) with NEW album A Red Dirt Ramble: Tribute to the Pioneers of Red Dirt Music, Volume 1 official release Summer of 2024 Monica will begin a fundraising campaign in February for the completion of Volume 2, which just about ready to mix and master! Become patron for this heritage-honoring project that Monica and her husband Travis Fite have worked for three years!

The Cimarron Songbird

The Cimarron Songbird—a nickname given to her by Jimmy LaFave and Bob Childers because of her unique singing style and her home near the Cimarron River—tells stories from the heart and from her Cherokee, Scottish, & Irish heritage. A writer of songs about home, red dirt roads & fence posts, trains & rivers, and love & yearning.

It’s Here!

Trains, Rivers & Trails

This ninth album by Taylor is filled with songs inspired by trains, rivers, and trails. It includes eleven new recordings – seven originals written by Monica and four cover songs that are highly requested at her shows. Produced by Jared Tyler, Travis Fite, and Monica Taylor-Fite.

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A Red Dirt Ramble, Volume 1

This album is a tribute to the pioneers of red dirt music. It includes nine new recordings of songs written by Bob Childers, Jimmy LaFave, Don Morris, Tom Skinner, and other red dirt artists. Produced by Travis Fite and Monica Taylor‐Fite.

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