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Monica Taylorthe Cimarron Songbird, a nickname given to her by Jimmy Lafave and Bob Childers because of her unique singing style and her home near the Cimarron river — tells stories from the heart and from her Cherokee, Scottish & Irish heritage.  A songwriter of songs about home, red dirt roads & fence posts, trains & rivers, and love & yearning.

What others are saying about Monica…

Joe Hoch, Concert Producer, Red Lodge & Billings, MT

“As a concert producer, it is such a treat to work with someone like Monica Taylor. She has done 4 shows for us in the past 9 years and I’ve never worked with any performer as professional and fun as Monica. She is prompt, helps any way she can to insure a great show, and takes the time to speak to everyone that wants to visit with her or want a cd signed. I think everyone who attends a Monica Taylor show feels they are not only fans of this very talented lady, but also now they have a new friend in Oklahoma.”

Mike Nave, Promoter, Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

“Monica Taylor’s warm and friendly stage presence wins her friends and fans from the moment she takes the stage. Her lyrics take you to the back roads of home, to a simpler, place and time. Her friendly demeanor makes fans feel like family. As a promoter, I have to say she is the epitome of professionalism and low maintenance.”

Garrison Keillor, NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion radio show

“Monica Taylor… a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice… singing a sweet, sad song that she wrote… a talented songwriter and performer that the state of Oklahoma must be so very proud of!”