About Monica

Monica above the Cimarron River at sunset

…a red dirt girl

This red dirt girl grew up in the heart of Red Dirt music country – near Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Cimarron river flows just a mile to the south, the sky is big and full of colors in the early morning, and those last few minutes of the day.

Farming and ranching has been the staple for the small community of Perkins in which she grew up. Rodeo, church, swimmin’ holes, baling hay, kids meeting each other on a dirt road to ride horses, picnics, the senior citizens in the little town have always had great country and western swing music on monday nights. These are the things that filled Monica’s life growing up.

Riding home on the school bus, how I’d search the road ahead
for two dogs by a mailbox, that had letters painted red.
Then I’d grab my books and say goodbye… and I’d step down on the ground
then we’d all three walk together, there ain’t no better life I’ve found.
– from Monica’s song ‘The Front Porch Light’

Some of Monica’s Writing: