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Fertile Ground


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Oklahoma is ‘fertile ground’ for great songs and songwriters… this was our third and last CD. Here are 12 tunes that we played with our good friend Don Morris (on bass) one evening in the Fall of 2002 down in Tahlequah, OK at Jeff Parker’s Cimarron Sound Lab. We all played at one time around a couple of microphones. From the Woody Guthrie song to Bill Erickson’s tune to our song entitled “Young Mother” about the photograph taken by Dorthea Lange called “The Migrant Mother.”… you can hear our deep Oklahoma roots.

To Patrick and I, the words “Red Dirt” describe the ‘grit’ of a story that’s been passed down in an Oklahoma family… and sometimes it’s been put into the form of a song. Just like the red clay that our relatives had to dig, plant, and live in, our music is rooted firmly in Oklahoma. This state has been Fertile Ground for so many folks. The country and gospel sounds… that’s us, The Farm Couple. ~ From the inside cover.